IBM OpenPages: Create Standard Reports-Part 5 (1O276G-WBT)


This course teaches IBM OpenPages GRC Platform report authors how to create reports using an OpenPages standard framework model. They will learn best practices for creating OpenPages reports using prompts, for example reporting period, entity, object type, actor, cascading, and many other topics that will prepare Cognos Analytics - Reporting authors to create sophisticated reports using OpenPages data. The course uses many video demonstrations showing how to create list, crosstab, chart reports and prompt pages using OpenPages data. Participants that complete the course and pass a quiz will receive a course completion certificate.

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This intermediate course is intended for those experienced report authors who will create IBM OpenPages reports using IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0 Reporting.


  • IBM OpenPages: Create Standard Reports-Part 4 eLearning (5 hours)
    • Course code 1O275G
  • Experience using basic browser functionality


  • create a prompt page
  • list data types frequently used for OpenPages prompts
  • cascade prompt selections to remaining prompts
  • list steps for adding a value prompt
  • list components of a value prompt
  • describe processes used to create a value prompt
  • add an 'All' value to an enumerated field prompt
  • add an inline prompt to a report
  • display prompt selections in report header
  • capture and display the OpenPages user running the report
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Course Outline

Topics Covered

  • Prompts