Foundations - Technical (for AWS Business Partners only) (AWSFT-BP)

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This course introduces the basic skills needed to lead pre-sales, AWS technical engagements with customers. After gaining a deeper understanding of AWS services and AWS Solution Architect roles, you will apply AWS best-practices frameworks, techniques, and guidelines in a customer case study, assessing customer needs, capturing requirements, and translating those requirements into an AWS solutions. 


In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of AWS Solution Architects
  • Apply the foundational principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Anticipate and address customer concerns about digital transformation
  • Determine the appropriate AWS services for customer use cases
  • Design a basic solution using AWS services
  • Describe best-practices and architecture patterns for typical AWS solutions

Intended Audience

This course is intended for:

  • Partner Sales/ Solutions Engineers Prerequisites We recommend the following prerequisites:
  • AWS Business Professional accreditation
  • AWS Technical Professional accreditation

There is also self-paced training available for APN Bussiness Partners: AWS Skill Builder

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Course Outline

This course covers the following concepts, organized into 15 modules grouped into five sections:

Section 1: Introduction and AWS Solution Architect Foundations

  • Module 1: Customers Are Moving to AWS
  • Module 2: AWS Solution Architects
  • Module 3: You Know More Than You Realize
  • Module 4: AWS Architectural Concepts
  • Module 5: Building Blocks

Section 2: Customer Questions and the WellArchitected Framework

  • Module 6: Customer Questions
  • Module 7: The AWS Well-Architected Framework

Section 3: Solution Architecture Design 

  • Module 8: Architecting an AWS Solution Concepts
  • Module 9: Case Study: Customer Engagement
  • Module 10: Engaging Customers and Architecting Solutions
  • Module 11: Case Study: Architecting a Solution
  • Module 12: Case Study: Proposed Solution Architecture

Section 4: Exploring Solution Patterns and Architectures

  • Module 13: Customer Use Cases and Patterns

Section 5: Wrap Up

  • Module 14: Takeaways
  • Module 15: Next Steps