dashDB SQL for Functions, Grouping, Union, Subqueries and Updates (K04003G-WBT)


This course teaches developers, database administrators, and system programmers various features of SQL, including column functions, grouping, unions, subqueries, and maintaining data.

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Developers, Database Administrators, System Programmers


dashDB SQL for Basic Queries or equivalent experience or knowledge


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Course Outline

1. dashDB environment2. Column functions and grouping   • SQL functions   • Beware of NULLs   • GROUP BY and HAVING   • Important rule for column functions   • Restrictions   • Conceptual execution of a SELECT   • SQL challenges   • SQL challenges - solutions3. UNION   • Single report   • UNION rules   • UNION vs UNION ALL   • SQL challenges   • SQL challenges - solutions4. Using subqueries   • Subqueries   • Subquery predicates   • Restrictions and reminders   • SQL challenges   • SQL challenges - solutions5. Maintaining data   • Working data   • Views   • Working with the data   • Prototyping change SQL with a unit of work   • Reminders   • SQL challenges   • SQL challenges - solutions