Extending the IBM Sterling Order Management Application (6F126G-SPVC)


The course provides students with an introduction to the technical framework of the Sterling Order Management application. It deals with the process to customize the IBM Sterling Order Management system to meet the Supply Chain Management needs. The process to extend transaction workflows and fulfillment pipelines, and how to move data between applications are explained in detail. The course also has deep dives to explore database extensibility, object extensibility, presentation framework, and customization of the Sterling Order Management user interface.


  • Software developer
  • Consultants
  • System administrators




After completing this course, you should be able to:


  • Provide an understanding of the technical environment of the Sterling Order Management system.
  • Extend transaction workflows and fulfillment pipelines.
  • Use the Sterling Order Management APIs to move data between Sterling Order Management and other applications.
  • Create new agents and agent servers.
  • Configure services.
  • Customize the user interface, database, printed documents, and objects.
  • Extend the application screen by using Web UI Framework.
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Course Outline

  • Sterling Order Management system technical environment
  • Transaction workflows
  • Fulfillment pipelines
  • Sterling Order Management APIs
  • Agents and agent servers
  • Services
  • Customization
  • Application extension