Customer Service using IBM Sterling Store Engagement (Next-gen) (6F132G-SPVC)


Course 6F132G covers the customer service management activities that store associates perform routinely. Students learn how to create and update customer orders, process customer appeasements, process returns and exchanges, using IBM Sterling Store Engagement (Next-gen). The course includes demonstrations of key tasks to simulate real-world store operations. Additionally, the course provides a lab environment with hands-on exercises to practice the tasks required for the customer service agents. 


Store Associates 


The audience for this course must have a basic understanding of the IBM Sterling Order Management solution concepts and a basic understanding of Sterling Store Engagement (Next-gen) concepts.


After completing this course, students should be able to:


  • Discuss customer service (store associates) capabilities of Sterling Store Engagement.
  • Navigate the IBM Sterling Store Engagement application and understand its functionalities.
  • Search for products, orders, and customer information
  • Create and update orders
  • Process returns and exchanges
  • Process customer appeasements
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Course Outline

  • Customer service (store associates) capabilities of Sterling Store Engagement.
  • IBM Sterling Store Engagement user interface
  • Products search
  • Customer information search
  • Create and update orders
  • Returns and exchanges processing
  • Customer appeasements processing
  • Store rules for pickup and drop-off
  • Limits for store areas