Basics of Intelligent Document Processing with IBM Watson Discovery (W7L148G)


This course introduces you to common NLP tasks, Smart Document Understanding, customization of the query results, teach the domain language to Watson Discovery to improve the relevancy and accuracy of the results.


Watson Discovery is a cognitive search and content analytics engine that you can add to applications to identify patterns, trends, and actionable insights to drive better decision-making.


AI Specialists who want to learn the basics of NLP for document search


The course requires no prior knowledge of computer programming or machine learning. You are not be required to do any coding to complete the course.  Before taking this course, you should have a Watson Discovery Plus plan.


  • Define the case study 
  • Outline basic NLP tasks and language models in NLP 
  • Define rule-based models and machine learning models in NLP 
  • Define information retrieval and information extraction 
  • Introduce Watson Discovery features for document search 
  • Apply smart document understanding 
  • Modify display of query results 
  • Show how to improve the accuracy of query results
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Course Outline

  • Case study
  • NLP basics and language models
  • Information retrieval and extract
  • Rule-based models and machine learning models in NLP
  • Introducing Watson Discovery
  • Project setup
  • Manage your collection
  • Improve and customize
  • Define structure
  • Improve relevance