How to Prepare for the CKA Exam (EDU-VMKAHPCKAE)

The CKA/D certification is fast becoming the globally recognized IT certification in the industry’s fastest growing technology — Kubernetes. This course will take you through a learning path of exam focused preparation. It covers the exam format itself and how the exam is scored, and the revelation of focused exam study resources and documents. The course also walks through of key command line setups that can help both during the exam and throughout your wider Kubernetes journey.


Overview of the CKA Curriculum

This lesson provides an overview on the CKA/D exam from the Linux Foundation. In this lesson, we’ll cover the basics around the CKA exam itself, how it is taken, and the overall experience.

Training and Preparation Resources

This lesson showcases some key resources that are available that can help you pass the exam. Flowing these resources can aid in your exam preparation and your Kubernetes knowledge overall.

Command Line Tips

This lesson covers key topics around optimizing the command line for the CKA/D exams. It covers a lot of useful tips for kubectl and the shell, all of which can save you precious time during the exam.

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