Kubernetes in Depth (EDU-VMKAKID)

From Kubernetes architecture to quick dives into Kubernetes object types. The Kubernetes in Depth course covers the concepts you’ll need to understand how Kubernetes works.


Kubernetes Architecture

Kubernetes is made up of a number of components across control and workload planes. This lesson will walk through what each component does and how they work together.

An Introduction to CNI

One key component of any solution is networking. This lesson talks about the Container Network Interface (CNI), which is what Kubernetes uses to enable networking.

Kubernetes Services

Services are how we expose components of our applications in Kubernetes. In this lesson, we’ll review the common patterns used to expose applications.

Managing Pods with Kubernetes Deployments

Pods are the Atomic Unit for compute in Kubernetes. This lesson focuses on how we leverage higher level constructs like the Deployment to manage pods.

Managing Application Rollouts with Kubernetes Deployments

Deployments control pods, but they are also leveraged to help roll out new versions of your application’s code. This lesson covers the process of rolling out new code in Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Namespaces

Namespaces provide a logical boundary for applications running in Kubernetes but there are caveats to that logical boundary. We’ll explore more in this lesson.

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