Top 7 Reasons to Transfer Your IBM Ed Pack Balance to TD SYNNEX Academy

  1. Ed Pack Transfers Will Be Good Until Dec 2014!
    We don’t care when your current Ed Packs expire. The minute they are transferred to us, we’ll extend the expiration date to December 2014!

  2. Use Your Balance in Any Country!
    When you transfer your balance to us, you are no longer limited to redeeming the credits within the country they were purchased. For example: if you bought your Ed Packs in the US...once they are transferred, use them for training in any country!

  3. Apply the Credits to Post-Class Mentoring!
    TD SYNNEX Academy has a robust services division that can offer post-class mentoring. You’ll never be left on your own. If you need someone with you helping to enable your employees, TD SYNNEX can provide that service for you.

  4. Apply the Credits to Private, Onsite Courses
    Many times you’ll need a customized, onsite course to fit your unique needs. You’ll be able to use your transferred credits to provide private training for your employees.

  5. Use Your Credits Across Multiple Vendors!
    Once you transfer your credits to us, you can redeem them for IBM training or training across multiple vendors.

  6. Get Our Real-World Experience in the Classroom!
    Many of our instructors have systems integration backgrounds. They bring this knowledge to the classroom for a more enriching experience.

  7. Get the Ultimate in Flexibility!
    One size does not fit all. We have global presence in over 80 countries, we can offer several options for support beyond the classroom and we can design a custom training plan based on your needs.

Get started by contacting your local TD SYNNEX Academy representative.