Challenge Labs Collection - AWS Exam SOA-C02: SysOps Administrator - Associate (LODS-CL-COL-SOAC02)

Challenge Labs are designed to extend and expand your learning experience with hands-on, scenario-based exercises. Challenge labs are goal oriented, short-duration, scenario-based hands-on exercises, and an excellent way to provide additional skills development and assessment. As new challenge labs are released, and you will gain automatic access to them for the duration of your subscription.


  • IT Professionals who are looking to keep up to date on features and functionality for a particular technology
  • IT Professionals who are responsible for supporting multiple technologies
  • IT Professional/Developers who are preparing for vendor certification exams

Challenge Labs Levels

There are three levels of Challenges included in your Library.

  • Guided - Step-by-step instructions with detailed hints [Duration ~ 30 minutes]
  • Advanced- Given requirements, students utilize resource information [Duration ~ 45 minutes]
  • Expert - Spans multiple products, technologies, and platforms [Duration ~ 60 minutes]
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Challenge Lab Topics

Getting Started

  • Getting Started with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) [Getting Started]
  • Getting Started with AWS Cloud Fundamentals [Getting Started]
  • Getting Started with AWS Elastic Compute Cloud [Getting Started]


  • Automate Snapshots by Using DLM [Guided]
  • Build a Network by Using the VPC Wizard [Guided]
  • Collect Metrics and Logs by Using the CloudWatch Agent [Guided]
  • Configure a NoSQL Database by Using Amazon DynamoDB [Guided]
  • Configure a Relational Database by Using Amazon RDS [Guided]
  • Configure a Security Group [Guided]
  • Configure Amazon S3 Event Logging and Handling [Guided]
  • Configure an Amazon EventBridge Rule That Triggers an Action [Guided]
  • Configure an Elastic Load Balancer [Guided]
  • Configure an S3 Bucket and Website [Guided]
  • Configure an SNS Notification for a CloudWatch Alarm [Guided]
  • Configure AWS Auto Scaling [Guided]
  • Configure AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager [Guided]
  • Configure High Availability by Using an Elastic Load Balancer [Guided]
  • Configure Maintenance Windows by Using AWS Systems Manager [Guided]
  • Configure Security for an IAM User [Guided]
  • Create a Scalable Website That Uses an Elastic Load Balancer [Guided]
  • Create an Auto Scaling Group [Guided]
  • Create an EC2 Instance by Using a Launch Template [Guided]
  • Create an Instance by Using a Custom AMI [Guided]
  • Create an Object Lifecycle Policy for Amazon S3 Documents [Guided]
  • Create Buckets, Versioning, and Permissions [Guided]
  • Create CloudWatch Alarms [Guided]
  • Create CloudWatch Dashboards [Guided]
  • Create EC2 Instances by Using Auto Scaling [Guided]
  • Create Metric Filters [Guided]
  • Design a VPC and Associated Subnets [Guided]
  • Establish Internet and NAT Gateways in AWS [Guided]
  • Evaluate AWS Config Rules [Guided]
  • Execute Commands and Automation Documents by Using the AWS Systems Manager Service [Guided]
  • Implement a Fault Tolerant File Service by Using EFS [GUIDED]
  • Implement a Network Access Control List [Guided]
  • Implement a Security Monitoring Process [Guided]
  • Implement an IAM Policy [Guided]
  • Implement Elastic Load Balancing Between EC2 Instances [Guided]
  • Implement Encryption at Rest [Guided]
  • Implement the Simple Storage Service [Guided]
  • Manage AWS Logs by Using CloudTrail [Guided]
  • Migrate a Load Balanced Application by Using a Blue/Green and Canary Deployment Strategy [Guided]
  • Monitor Applications by Using CloudWatch [Guided]
  • Perform Automatic Remediation by Using an AWS Config Rule [Guided]
  • Provision and Maintain AWS Resources by Using CloudFormation [Guided]
  • Troubleshoot an EC2 Instance by Using a CloudWatch Alarm [Guided]


  • Can You Automate Processes by Using AWS Services? [Advanced]
  • Can You Automate the Build of EC2 Instances Behind an Elastic Load Balancer? [Advanced]
  • Can You Build a Network Foundation in AWS? [Advanced]
  • Can You Build a Website by Using an Amazon S3 Bucket? [Advanced]
  • Can You Configure an Auto Scaling Group and a Load Balancer? [Advanced]
  • Can You Create a Custom AMI Based on a New EC2 Instance? [Advanced]
  • Can You Create a Resilient System by Using a Launch Template and an Auto Scaling Group? [Advanced]
  • Can You Design a Cloud Network in AWS? [Advanced]
  • Can You Implement Metrics, Alarms, and Filters? [Advanced]
  • Can You Implement Secure Access to a Service? [Advanced]
  • Can You Remediate Issues by Using Monitoring and Availability Metrics? [Advanced]
  • Can You Secure Access to an S3 Bucket? [Advanced]
  • Can You Serve a Simple, Static Website with Amazon S3? [Advanced]
  • Can You Use Access Logging for Bucket Management and Monitoring? [Advanced]
  • Implement Health Checks by Using ELB and Route 53 [Guided]


  • Can You Configure a Resilient EC2 Server Farm? [Expert]
  • Can You Configure a Resilient Website That Uses Monitoring and Automatic Remediation? [Expert]
  • Can You Create a Website with Cross Region Replication and Logging? [Expert]
  • Can You Implement a Highly Available Website? [Expert]
  • Can You Implement an End-to-End Solution in AWS? [Expert] This challenge is currently in development.