Deploying Workloads in Google Compute Engine (TDG-DWGCE)

In this course, you will explore the fundamentals of deploying workloads in Google Compute Engine, a core service of Google Cloud Platform. Whether you're new to cloud computing or looking to enhance your skills, this course covers essential topics to help you succeed in cloud-based deployments. You'll learn how to create, configure, and manage virtual machines, deploy applications, and implement best practices for scalability, security, and cost-efficiency.

Audience Profile

Entry level ,Developers, architects and technical roles willing to learn and understand how to manage modern applications in GCP


  • Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts.
  • Familiarity with virtual machines and server management.
  • Basic Knowledge of networking fundamentals.

At Course Completion

  • Create and manage virtual machines (VMs) in Google Compute Engine.
  • Deploy scalable applications on Google Cloud infrastructure.
  • Understand best practices for load balancing and security in Google Compute Engine.
  • Implement automation and monitoring for your workloads.
  • Optimize cost and performance for your cloud workloads.