IBM on IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.8: Integration with IBM Knowledge Catalog (6XL947G)


This course offers data engineers more experience with on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. You gain knowledge in areas such as user and group management, access controls within, integrating IBM Knowledge Catalog with, and what the integration with IBM Knowledge Catalog provides. You gain skills in access control, IBM Knowledge Catalog policies, and how to manage after integration with IBM Knowledge Catalog is in place.


The course is designed to build upon the intermediate course and goes into more depth in the data governance area of Integration between and IBM Knowledge Catalog allows you to manage data within the Data Lakehouse and other data sources with a single data governance product. This integration ensures that all data is governed within a centralized data governance product.


Data Engineer, Data Steward, Data Administrator, Data Analyst


Before you start this course, you should be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Log in to IBM Cloud Pak for Data and access the related IBM Knowledge Catalog menus.
  • Connect to the user interface within IBM Cloud Pak for Data.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Perform the steps required to integrate lakehouse data into an organization’s overall IBM Knowledge Catalog data governance solution.
  • Perform the steps required to define data sources into IBM Knowledge Catalog.
  • Use IBM Cloud Pak for Data and IBM Knowledge Catalog to define the connection and data sources within to IBM Knowledge Catalog.
  • Understand the information required for configuring with IBM Knowledge Catalog.
  • Use the User Interface (UI) components that are required for IBM Knowledge Catalog integration with lakehouse data.
  • Demonstrate data governance of tables with table masking of sensitive columns.
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Course Outline

  • Review and preparation of 
  • Preparing IBM Knowledge Catalog for integration with
  • Integrating with IBM Knowledge Catalog
  • Updating data governance for