Migrate Databases from/to AWS (TDA-MD)

In this training we will show you the concepts and tools used to perform a database migration to and from AWS. We will start with some basic concepts to later go in depth in the migration itself. The goal is to be able to know how to perform any kind of migration to/from AWS and know its limitations.


Audience Profile




Basic knowledge on databases (no technical or advance knowledge is required)


At Course Completion

At the end of this training you will:

  • Understand what are the differences among the several database types
  • Know the concepts, tools and services used to perform a database migration to/from the cloud
  • Know how to migrate and replicate data from on-premise to the cloud and vice-versa
  • Differentiate between homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations and know how to perform each of them
  • Understand the limitations of data migrations to the cloud and you will be able to identify these constraints in real scenarios