Essentials of IBM Engineering Test Management (QN1005G-WBT)


This course introduces test managers to the basics of using Engineering Test Management (ETM) to manage a test effort within a software development project.  IBM Test Management is a key component of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM), providing quality management capabilities in a fully-integrated environment. 


The course teaches how to plan the test effort, develop test artifacts, align with requirements and development, manage the test team's work, monitor progress, submit and track defects, and report test results and status. 


The course contains exercises mirroring the instructor-led version and are performed in a simulated environment that does not require connection or access to a live system which provides extreme flexibility in taking the course.




Familiarity with the Microsoft Windows operating system, applications for the Microsoft Windows operating system, and Web browsers.


After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Understand ELM Test Management
  • Develop a test plan
  • Define schedules, test environments, and lab resources
  • Develop a test case and a test script
  • Create a test suite
  • Run tests
  • Submit a defect
  • Monitor the test effort
  • Report test results and status


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