Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions (AOCMCDOT)

Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions (AOCMCDOT) is a 2 day instructor led course that demonstrates through brief lectures, exercises, and classroom discussion how to deploy and maintain an integrated OnCommand Unified Manager and pair it with OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) data-management solution. You learn how the performance-management features of Unified Manager provide a unified approach to storage management that reduces complexity. You also learn to how to extend Unified Manager’s data protection capabilities with WFA.


ONTAP Cluster Administration (ONTAP 9.5) (STRSW-ILT-ONTAPADM)

Course Objectives

  • Install and maintain an OnCommand Unified Manager deployment
  • Migrate an OnCommand Performance Manager 7.1 database to Unified Manager 7.2
  • Use Unified Manager to monitor the health and performance of your storage infrastructure
  • Categorize storage objects and implement annotation and group features
  • Configure thresholds, event retention settings, and alerts, so that storage issues can be anticipated and quickly identified
  • Explore reporting tools and run pre-configured reports
  • Export data to a comma-separated-values (CSV) file to track historical trends
  • Pair Unified Manager with OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) to manage protection relationships and storage objects in the storage infrastructure


  • Customers of NetApp’s heterogeneous storage area network (HeSAN) migration service
  • NetApp sales engineers (SEs)
  • Consulting sales engineers (CSEs)
  • Professional services engineers (PSEs)
  • Professional services consultants (PSCs)
  • Channel partner engineers
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Course Outline

Module 1: Review the Unified Manager and NetApp Data Management Products

  • Types of Data Management software
  • Data management portfolio
    • Software
    • OnCommand Software suite
  • OnCommand Unified Manager
    • Functionality
    • Discovery process
  • OnCommand Workflow Automation
    • Integrating with Unified Manager
  • Unification of Unified Manger and Performance Manager

Module 2: Deploy Unified Manager

  • Unified Manager
    • Installation tasks
    • Configuration tasks
    • Host environment
    • Supported browsers
    • Maintenance console
    • Unified Manager UI
    • Initial settings
    • Configure cluster data sources
  • Unified Manager discovery process
  • Physical objects
  • Logical objects
  • Protocols
  • Storage efficiency components
  • Protection components

Module 3: Explore the Unified Manager UI

  • UI features
  • Dashboards
  • Customize UI dashboards

Module 4: Customize Unified Manager for Your Storage Environment

  • Customize thresholds
    • Health
    • Performance policies
    • Expected range
    • Creating
  • User management
    • Remote authentication
    • Creating users
  • Event management
  • Event triggers
  • Event retention
  • Alert notifications
  • Annotations
  • Groups

Module 5: Monitor Storage Objects

  • Object health pages
  • Performance pages
  • Unified Manager Reporting features

Module 6: Maintain Unified Manager

  • Backing up / Restore Unified Manager
  • Upgrade Unified Manager
  • Performance data migration tool

Module 7: Use OnCommand WFA and Unified Manager to Manage Data Protection Relationships

  • OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) server basic architecture
  • Pair WFA to Unified Manager
  • Configure WFA data sources and target systems
  • Create and manage data-protection relationships


  • Configure Unified Manager
  • Explore UI features
  • Configure users, events and alerts
  • Configure thresholds
  • Configure annotations and groups
  • Monitor storage objects
  • Explore data and run a report
  • Manage data protection