ONTAP NFS Administration (NFSAD)

Cluster Administration course. This course reviews NFS and explores in more detail different NFS versions and the features of ONTAP 9 software that support the NFS protocol. The exercises are accomplished using ONTAP 9 software.


  • ONTAP Cluster fundamentals
  • ONTAP 9.6 Cluster Administration (ONTAP9ADM)
  • Familiarity with UNIX and Linux operating systems

Target Audience

Professionals who implement NFS solutions who use NetApp storage systems

Course Content

  • Define and describe NFS protocol versions
  • Configure clustered ONTAP 9 for NFSv3,NFSv4,and NFSv4.1 with parallel NFS (pNFS)
  • Configure Kerberos in a Linux and NetApp ONTAP 9 environment using Windows Active Directory authentication
  • Discuss performance management and troubleshooting for Netapp storage systems and clients