TD SYNNEX Security Awareness Kick Off (SAKO)

Teaching employees to increase their knowledge and skills concerning the protection of the physical and informational assets of an organization is very important for preventing security breaches and data leakages. The goal of Security Awareness is to change behaviour, therefore it is very important to make people aware, 

to involve them and to motivate them. That is exactly the reason why this Kick Off training is developed. The training consists of lectures, video’s and a quiz. It offers best practices and tips and tricks, that you can implement in your daily life right away.

You can take this Kick-Off as a stand alone training, however a good security awareness program should educate employees on an ongoing basis. It is proven that a one time training only reduces the risk for an accident to occur for a short period of time, whilst a continuous training program keeps the security knowledge and behavior of the employees at a higher, sustainable level. Therefore we recommend to complement this training with a continuous training program. This Kick-Off training is integrated in the Tech Data Security Awareness Program. 

Target Audience

Anyone who would like to improve security awareness knowledge and behavior. This Kick-Off training is typically provided as an integral part of the Tech Data Security Awareness Program


The price of this training applies to groups of up to 25 students. 




1,5 hrs (15.00-16.30 CET)