TD SYNNEX Security Awareness Program (TDSA)

The human factor plays a major role in making businesses worldwide vulnerable to cyber security incidents. According to several reports, about 70% of all breaches are related to employee behavior. Staff may make mistakes that put their company’s data or systems at risk – either because they are careless and accidentally slip up – or even because they do not have the required training to teach them how to behave appropriately and to protect the business they work for.

Teaching employees to increase their knowledge and attitude regarding the protection of the physical and informational assets of an organization is indispensable. A good security awareness program should educate employees on an ongoing basis. It is proven that a one time training only reduces the risk for an accident to occur for a short period of time. Whilst a continuous training program keeps the security knowledge and behavior of the employees at a higher, sustainable level.

Target audience:               

Anyone who would like to improve security awareness knowledge and behavior. This security awareness program is typically delivered tailor-made for organizations. Please contact us to find out more.




  • Baseline audit
  • Kick off session
  • Access to E-learning program
  • Access to all new E-learning modules
  • 2-monthly phishing simulation
  • Awareness posters and cartoons
  • Reporting                   


Certification tests and reporting are included


The program is available in 8 different languages, among which Dutch, English and French