What are my payment options?

You can pay via P.O./Invoice, IBM Ed Pack or TD SYNNEX Training Credits.

How do I pay with an Ed Pack?

Choose “IBM EdPack” and enter your Ed Pack number and IBM customer number in the field below. We will verify the Ed Pack funds within 5 business days. If the funds are not available, we will notify you.

How do I pay with a P.O./Invoice?

Select P.O./Invoice as your payment method when registering. We may need some information from your finance department in order to process the P.O. If so, we’ll contact you within 5 business days of your registration.

Can you invoice my company?

We sure can; however, we’ll need a P.O. number to process payment. We’ll contact you within 5 business days of registration to start the process.

Can I purchase new IBM Ed Packs?

Ed Packs were sunset by IBM at the end of June 2013 so they are no longer available to purchase (however, you can still redeem them up until the expiration date). However, we now offer TD SYNNEX Training Credits. Like Ed Packs, TD SYNNEX Credits can be used for any of our IBM courses: private, public or self-paced.

Can I transfer my IBM Ed Pack balance to TD SYNNEX Academy?

Yes! If your IBM Ed Pack will be expiring soon, transfer them to TD SYNNEX Academy. We will extend the expiration date for a full year and you can also use the balance in any country.


How will I know if my course is confirmed?

Once your class is confirmed to run and no later than 14 calendar days prior to the course start date, we’ll contact you by email as well as phone.

How will I know if my course is cancelled?

Classes are subject to cancellation and class locations may occasionally change; therefore, TD SYNNEX recommends that you do not purchase nonrefundable airline tickets or hotel rooms. If you do so, TD SYNNEX cannot be held responsible for any airline or hotel room expenses or penalties you may incur. Should this class be cancelled or changed, you will be notified two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to the start date of the class.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please cancel your enrollment as soon as possible by notifying TD SYNNEX at You will be charged the full price of the class if you cancel or reschedule your enrollment less than 10 business days prior to the scheduled start date, or if you do not show up for the class.

Course Delivery

What time do the courses start and end?

Most courses start at 9am and end at 5pm in the local time zone.

How do the instructor-led online courses work?

These classes are given with a live instructor the whole time; you participate via web conference and live labs where each student has their own virtual lab environments. You’ll receive information on how to access the web conference, labs, etc. the week before the class and you’ll also receive a hardcopy of the courseware.

Are the instructor-led online courses Mac compatible?

Yes - courseware is PDF and labs are either a VM or remote lab which is accessed via browser

When will I receive my course materials?

If you are in a public classroom or private course, the materials will be in class when you arrive. If you are in an instructor-led, online course, you’ll get online access 2-3 business days before the start date and the hardcopy courseware should arrive 1-2 business days prior to the start date.

Do you offer Self-Paced Virtual Courses (SPVC)?

Yes we do! If you are interested in an SPVC, email us at to get a quote.

How do the SPVC’s work?

You’ll receive a digital token which allows 30 days to access the courseware. We also offer "Office Hours" along with the courseware. These are a set number of hours that you get to access a qualified instructor via phone to get your questions answered.


Why isn’t the course I need showing up on the website search, do you offer it?

We teach the entire IBM book of courses. If you don’t see it when you search, it means it’s not scheduled in the near future. If you have a group, we may be able to add it to the public schedule or schedule a private, onsite training. Simply send an email to with the course number and title and we can discuss.