PingAccess Administration Training (PA-300)

This course provides the information you need to set up and configure PingAccess as a policy server to protect both web applications and APIs. After completing this course, you will know how to install PingAccess, configure PingAccess in both a gateway and agent model, and configure different types of policies that PingAccess offers. The class topics include:

  • Overview and installation of PingAccess 
  • Introduction to OAuth and OpenID Connect
  • Configuring PingAccess to protect web applications and APIs
  • Configuring PingAccess rewrite and access control rules
  • PingAccess clustering and administration

This course consists of lectures and hands-on lab exercises. Each student will need to connect with their own laptop with sufficient bandwidth for accessing online VM lab environments.


The following are the prerequisites for successfully completing this course:

  • PingFederate Administrator course or equivalent experience with PingFederate.


3 days

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Course Contents

Day 1: Introduction to Concepts and Basic Setup

  • PingAccess Overview
  • Installing PingAccess
    • Lab 1: Installing PingAccess and Configuring Certificates
  • Configuring PingAccess as a Simple Reverse Proxy (Gateway Model)
    • Lab 2: Configuring PingAccess as a Reverse Proxy (Gateway Model)
    • Lab 3: Configuring PingAccess Resources and Rewrite Rules
  • OAuth 2.0 Refresher
  • Connecting PingAccess to a Token Provider (PingFederate)
    • Lab 4: Enabling OAuth Protocol and Client Credentials Grant Type
    • Lab 5: Configuring PingAccess Using the Gateway Model

Day 2: PingAccess Applications, Agents, and Sites

  • Protecting Web Apps Using PingAccess and OpenID Connect
    • Lab 6: Creating a Web Session Using OpenID Connect Claims
  • Working With Sites
    • Lab 7: Creating Identity Mappings and Advanced Web Sessions
  • Working With Rules and Policies
    • Lab 8: Creating Web Access Rules
    • Lab 9: Creating API Access Control Rules

Day 3: PingAccess Policies and Administration

  • Resources Deeper Dive
  • Audit Logging
  • Managing Redirection
  • PingAccess as a Policy Server (Agent Model)
    • Lab 10: Deploying PingAccess Agent Model
  • PingAccess Configuration and Optimization
    • Lab 11: Enabling PingAccess Administrator Single Sign-On
    • Lab 12: Using the PingAccess Administrative API
  • Introduction to PingAccess Clustering
    • Lab 13: Creating Simple PingAccess Clusters (optional)