Discover Why IT Training Online Should Be Part of Your IT Certification Roadmap

IT certification programs come in various forms from IT vendors. Most of the popular IT training courses are available as online training. High-quality, online IT training is available with live instruction, hands-on labs and interaction with the instructor and other students.

Benefits of IT training online

  • No travel costs or travel time
  • Real-time interaction with your instructor
  • Participation from almost any internet enabled location (subject to modest technical requirements)
  • High-quality content, materials and labs

Online IT training with a superior experience

Quality online training should be as effective and enjoyable as being in the classroom. TD SYNNEX has developed its own online training environment call Individual Multimedia Video Presence (iMVP). With iMVP, TD SYNNEX provides students with immersive video software, a camera and a headset. iMVP provide superior online training for students to attend live IT certification courses from home or the office. Ask questions, talk to other students and participate in labs, just like being in the classroom.

How an online IT certification path works

The IT training session takes place through a web and telephone conference. The lab exercises are managed by using the same remote access to hardware.

Why choose an online IT training path?

It allows you to work towards IT certification from the comfort of your home or office without the necessity to travel. You have freedom to attend online training courses in different time-zones in case you need to attend IT courses outside core business hours.

What online IT training is offered?

TD SYNNEX maintains an extensive IT certification list for the IT vendors listed on this IT training website. Based on your requirements, TD SYNNEX’s experts will help you select the right IT training courses to build you a personalised IT certification path. For a list of online IT training courses, visit the schedule +

What about private online IT training for large groups?

If you find it hard to get your team together in one place for an IT training course, then online IT training may be a perfect solution. TD SYNNEX can deliver bespoke customised course content, saving you travel and associated costs.

What is the difference between ILO and LOL?

There is no technical difference:

  • ILO (Instructor-Led Online training) = IBM training

  • LOL (Live Online Learning) = VMware training

Where can you find online IT training?

  1. Go to the [schedule page]

  2. In the ‘Locations’ box in the left hand menu select ‘Online Training’

TD SYNNEX’s training experts are ready to help you get new IT certifications or renew existing IT certifications. Contact us to start accelerating your success.