IBM Storage Scale Advanced Administration for Linux (H006G)


The course includes information on the Storage Scale installer toolkit, installer GUI, cluster upgrade scenarios, cluster health monitoring, cluster performance data collection and monitoring, management GUI, file system encryption, cluster security, and call home features. Many of the features are described in lecture materials and implemented in lab exercises.


This lecture and exercise-based course is for individuals who want to expand their knowledge of Storage Scale advanced installation and management capabilities.


You should have taken:

  • IBM Storage Scale Basic Administration for Linux (H005G)


  • Use advanced installer tools to install Storage Scale 
  • Upgrade a cluster to a newer level of Storage Scale 
  • Monitor cluster health 
  • Configure cluster performance data collection 
  • Monitor cluster performance 
  • Configure cluster security options 
  • Encrypt file system data 
  • Configure the Storage Scale call home feature
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Course Outline

Day 1 

  • (00:30) Welcome 
  • (02:00) Unit 1: Advanced installation techniques 
  • (02:15) Exercise 1: Advanced installation techniques 
  • (01:30) Unit 2: Upgrading a cluster 
  • (01:00) Exercise 2: Upgrading a cluster 

Day 2 

  • (02:30) Unit 3: Monitoring cluster health 
  • (01:00) Exercise 3: Monitoring cluster health 
  • (03:00) Unit 4: Performance monitoring and tuning 
  • (00:45) Exercise 4: Monitoring cluster performance 

Day 3 

  • (02:45) Unit 5: Cluster and data security 
  • (01:30) Exercise 5: Cluster and data security 
  • (01:00) Unit 6: Storage Scale call home 
  • (00:30) Exercise 6: Storage Scale call home