Maximo Scheduler: Graphical Assignment and Crew Management (MAX4346G)


This 2-day instructor-led course provides students with an understanding of how to perform scheduling and planning using core Maximo Scheduler applications. You will learn how to prepare your data for scheduling activities. You will then learn how to assign work and manage labor using the Graphical Assignment application and how to manage and modify your resource availability using Graphical Crew Management. You will also learn how to use the Appointment Book Manager and Graphical Appointment Book applications to configure and schedule an appointment over a short period of time.Through a combination of procedural information, demonstrations, and exercises, students will learn about topics such as Calendar and Shift creation, Crew Types and Crews configuration as well as use of the Graphical Assignment, Graphical Crew Management, Appointment Book Manager, and Graphical Appointment Book applications. This course includes hands-on lab exercises using your own Red Hat OpenShift Maximo Manage environment.


Consultants, System Administrators, Support, Sales, Consultants, and End Users




After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the usage of Maximo Scheduler applications.
  • Prepare Calendar and Work Data for scheduling.
  • Configure crew types and crews.
  • Perform work assignment using the Graphical Assignment application.
  • Perform resource availability modifications using the Graphical Assignment application.
  • Manage crews and resources availability using the Graphical Crew Management application.
  • Configure an appointment book using the Appointment Book Manager application.
  • Schedule appointments using the Graphical Appointment Book application.
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Course Outline

Module 1: Graphical Assignment and Crew Management - Overview

  • Introduction to Maximo Scheduler
  • Recap of Short-Term Planning with Maximo Scheduler
  • Overview of Graphical Assignment
  • Overview of Graphical Crew Management
  • Overview of Appointment Book 

Module 2: Graphical Assignment and Crew Management – Data Setup

  • Maximo Scheduler Data Set Prerequisite
  • Key Work Order Fields used in Scheduler
  • Start Date, Finish Date and Duration Calculation


Module 3: Introduction to Graphical Assignment 

  • Advantages of Graphical Assignment
  • Explanation of the Concept of the Fields
  • Introduction to Available Tabs
  • Comprehensive Overview of the Work View Tab
  • Utilization of Toolbar Functions
  • Adjusting Work Lists


Module 4: Managing Assignments using the Graphical Assignment  Application

  • Meaning of Different Color Representation
  • Assigning Work
  • Rescheduling Assignment
  • Modification of Labor Availability
  • Splitting Work Between Labor and Shifts
  • Assigning Emergency Work


Module 5: Optimization and Dispatching using the Graphical Assignment Application

  • Recap of Work View and Assignment View Tab
  • Optimization Models
  • Optimization Templates
  • Process to Run Optimization
  • Viewing Optimization Progress and Results
  • Comparison of Optimization Scenarios
  • Overview of Dispatch Tab
  • Analyzing the Routes on the Map


Module 6: Graphical Assignment – Repair Facilities

  • Enabling Repair Facility
  • Data Setup for Repair Facility
  • Features and Analysis of the Repair Facility
  • Assignment of Repair Facility


Module 7: Graphical Crew Management

  • Brief About Crew Types and Crews
  • Concepts of Graphical Crew Management
  • Creating Crew Lists
  • Analysis of Different Tabs
  • Overview of Work Assignment
  • Modifying Availability of Crews


Module 8: Appointment Book

  • Appointment Book Manager
  • Graphical Appointment Book