Leveraging Health for Maximo Application Suite - Manage (MAX4320G-SPVC)


In this course you will learn a range of topics in Maximo Health that includes Assets and locations dashboard, Matrix View, scoring of the assets based on Health and other parameters, Work Queues, Actions that one can take on the asset and optimize the investment using the asset investment optimizer feature.


Implementation Consultants, Administrators, Technical Sales, System Users




After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe Maximo Health.
  • Learn about asset details.
  • Discuss location health.
  • Understand work queues.
  • Learn about scoring groups.
  • Learn about scoring ranges.
  • Learn about scoring contributors.
  • Understand custom scoring.
  • Discuss the role of Monitor in Health (through operational status).
  • Create service requests for the asset from the Health application.
  • Generate work orders from the Health application.
  • Understand replace/refurbish/decommission planning for the asset.
  • Discuss about flagging an asset.
  • Edit source asset record from the Health application.
  • Understand Asset Investment Optimizer.
  • Learn about investment strategies and compare them.


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Course Outline

  • Get started
  • Learn about Maximo Health
  • Learn about scoring
  • Learn about work queues and asset actions
  • Practice what you have learned (hand-on-lab)
  • Learn about Asset Investment Optimizer
  • Earn the badge
  • Get your course certificate
  • Complete the course survey