IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Fundamentals (ODC6105G)


This course teaches students techniques, tools, and recommended practices that can be used to run a business process, create a business process using the Graphical Process Modeler, explain how to create a service configuration, explain how to track an executable business process, and discuss the basics of Sterling B2B Integrator through a combination of lecture and hands-on labs.


Consultants, Support, System Administrators




Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: 


  • Run a business process.
  • Create a business process using the Graphical Process Modeler.
  • Explain how to create a service configuration.
  • Explain how to track an executable business process.
  • Discuss the basics of Sterling B2B Integrator.
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Course Outline


Course Overview


Unit 1

Lesson 1.1: About IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

  • High level overview of the Admin Console with an exercise to start the application

Lesson 1.2: XML and XPath Basics

  • Review the basics of XML and XPath which is heavily used in the application

Lesson 1.3: Basic Business Process Concepts

  • Reviewing what XML and XPath components are used to build business processes
  • Reviewing how to manually execute a business process within the application

Lesson 1.4: Tracking and Troubleshooting Business Processes

  • Exercises to demonstrate how to work with business process instances

Lesson 1.5: Graphical Process Modeler (GPM)

  • Overview of the Graphical Process Modeler
  • Exercises to walk through the development of a business process in the GPM
  • Exercises for checking in, executing, and modifying business processes


Unit 2

Lesson 2.1: Introduction to Service Management

  • Several exercises showcasing specific services/adapters and other functionality

Lesson 2.2: Best Practices

  • Covers specific business process development methods that are best practice

Lesson 2.3: Mapping

  • Introduction to the Map Editor and Standards
  • Exercises to build and use an XML Encoder Map

Lesson 2.4: Typing Map

  • Exercises to build and use a Typing Map

Lesson 2.5: Case Study

  • Exercise to build an end-to-end solution using what was learned in previous exercises

Lesson 2.6: Tracking System Health

  • Review of archiving, migrating, and deleting business processes


Course Wrap-up