IBM Cloud Object Storage System Fundamentals (SSC20DG-WBT)


You will learn the fundamentals of IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) in on-premises environments. You will gain a deep understanding of installing IBM Cloud Object Storage, performing configurations, navigating its user interface, performing capacity changes, using self-healing features, and examining logs for troubleshooting. This course has recorded lectures, lab demos and associated quiz exercises. You will also recognize where to find documentation and get help.


Not restricted. 




  • Identify the key features of IBM Cloud Object Storage 
  • Summarize the architecture of IBM Cloud Object Storage 
  • Perform the installation of IBM Cloud Object Storage 
  • Navigate the Manager user interface of IBM Cloud Object Storage 
  • Perform administrative and configuration tasks on IBM Cloud Object Storage 
  • Perform basic troubleshooting tasks on IBM Cloud Object Storage
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Course Outline

  • Unit 1: IBM Cloud Object Storage Introduction
  • Unit 2: Installation, Configuration, User Interface and APIs
  • Unit 3: Input, Output and Capacity Changes
  • Unit 4: Self-Healing, Reporting and Sandbox Overview
  • Unit 5: Logs and Troubleshooting
  • Unit 6: Additional Items and Support
  • Unit 7: Lab demos
    • - Deploy Images, Configure EFI RAM, Networking
    • - Slicestor Configuration, Add Drives, Clone VMs
    • - Manager, Accesser Configs
    • - Add Slicestor and Manager Configurations
    • - Create Storagepool, Access pool, Users, Vaults, Buckets, Cyberduck
  • Badge Quiz