Learn to Succeed with AWS

TD SYNNEX Academy, the IT training division of TD SYNNEX, and is a leading provider of IT training globally.

Technology is constantly evolving, that’s why every IT professional needs to commit to ongoing training — now, and throughout your career. AWS training and certification is very much in demand - as a leading Cloud Services provider, AWS certification is instantly recognised and highly sought after. AWS certification helps you validate your AWS knowledge and proves you have the skills you need to advance your career.

AWS Popular Courses

AWS offer a wide portfolio of courses focussed on skills for a Solutions Architect, a Security Expert, a Developer and an Administrator. Popular courses include:-

Guaranteed To Run

Many of our courses are guaranteed to run, book in full confidence and be reassured that your training will take place and avoid last minute surprises. Look out for the Guaranteed To Run logo in the schedule.

AWS Challenge Labs

Challenge Labs are goal oriented, short-duration, scenario-based hands-on exercises. Ideal for cloud technologies, they provide skills development and assessments across multiple platforms and technologies. They are useful before, during and/or after training.

AWS Enablement and Certification for Partners

TD SYNNEX has invested in developing a specific program for partners including a portfolio of technical workshops delivered by TD SYNNEX experts, find out more at here.

Start your AWS journey with TD SYNNEX by taking the first step, select your country from the menu:-

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