Learn to Succeed with ForgeRock

TD SYNNEX Academy, the IT training division of TD SYNNEX, provides official ForgeRock training and certification courses.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is fast and easy-to-deploy and scales to millions of users. The ForgeRock stack consists of Access Management, Identity Management, Identity Gateway and Directory Services. As an authorised training partner for ForgeRock University, TD SYNNEX Academy delivers the full spectrum of courses included in the ForgeRock offering. Learn the skills you need to be successful architecting, building and deploying ForgeRock solutions.

  • TD SYNNEX Academy is an Authorised Training Partner in Germany and the United Kingdom and additionally supports customers from BENELUX and Nordics.
  • TD SYNNEX can help students attain ForgeRock digital badges around the categories ’knowledge’, ‘skills’, ‘certification’,’ proficiency’ and ‘achievement’.
  • TD SYNNEX accepts ForgeRock Training Credits!

Forgerock Training partner of the year

TD SYNNEX Academy UK has been recognised and awarded by ForgeRock as their Global Training Partner of the year for 2020. TD SYNNEX has demonstrated its ability to contribute to the ForgeRock technical community's expertise in Digital Identity solutions through their participation in ForgeRock University's Authorized Training Program.

Guaranteed To Run

Many of our courses are guaranteed to run, book in full confidence and be reassured that your training will take place and avoid last minute surprises. Look out for the Guaranteed To Run logo in the schedule.

Please select one of our ForgeRock training websites in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, BENELUX, Nordics and the United Kingdom.