PRINCE2 Practitioner Re-registration (P2R)

The PRINCE2® Examination Board is concerned that Practitioners keep their mastery of PRINCE2® up-to-date. Therefore it decided when the Practitioner exam was introduced that the Practitioner Certificate was only awarded for five years.

Anyone wishing to retain this qualification has to take a written one-hour re-registration exam to demonstrate that they had kept up an adequate ability to apply the method properly.

This coaching experience has been designed to take you from your current level of experience and recall of the method to re-registration readiness in three days. We work with you in a workshop format that builds on where you are and is flexible enough to explore individual and group questions.




  • Overview 
  • Principles 
  • The Process Model 
  • Themes 
  • Tailoring PRINCE2®

Target Audience

Anyone who hold's a PRINCE2 ®Practitioner Certificate that is between three and five years old.

Follow on Courses

  • PRINCE2 ® for Practitioner 
  • PRINCE2 ® Senior Management Briefing

Further Information

PRINCE2® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries 


  • Application Surgery 
  • We find that Workshop delegates often value a session on questions and problems they have encountered in applying PRINCE2® in practice. You have the opportunity of raising real issues in the context of preparing for the Re-registration exam - working on their resolution.
  • Latest Edition of the Manual 
  • Recent changes and emphases 
  • New terms and concepts
  • Re-registration Exam 
  • Briefing 
  • MockPaper 
  • Ending with the 'Real' Paper