PingFederate Administration Training (PF-300)

This course implements various use cases with PingFederate and introduces industry concepts such as federation, SAML, and OAuth. The course also includes PingFederate-specific topics such as integration kits, adapters, SSO connections, and OAuth configuration. Hands-on exercises allow the participants to have first-hand experience in configuring PingFederate, establishing a web SSO connection and OAuth clients, and doing some basic troubleshooting.

The class topics include:

  • Introduction to industry standards, web single sign-on (SSO), SAML, OAuth 2.0 (OAuth2), and OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Overview of PingFederate
  • PingFederate and configuring the server.
  • Configuring Identity Provider (IdP) and service provider (SP) Web SSO connections
  • Configuring PingFederate as an OAuth2 Authorization server
  • Overview of PingFederate as a security token service
  • OAuth2 and Playground 4.0
  • Deployment scenarios and clustering


This course consists of lectures and hands-on lab exercises. Each student is required to provide their own laptop.



3 days

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Course Contents

Day 1: Background of Federation Web SSO and Core Product

  • Introduction to identity federation
  • Introduction to integration kits
  • Configuring SP and IdP adapters and password credential validators
    • Lab 1: HTML Form Adapter and Reference ID adapter configuration
  • Introduction to SAML
  • Configuring IdP and SP SSO connections
    • Lab 2: Creating connections for IdP and SP web SSO
  • Server logs

Day 2: Further Integration and PingFederate Functionality

  • Attribute mapping and data source
    • Lab 3: Mapping attributes from external sources
    • Lab 4: Using an external source for authentication
  • Introduction to authentication policies
    • Lab 5: Creating authentication selectors, policy contracts, and authentication policies
    • Lab 6: Tracing SSO transactions in the PingFederate logs

Day 3: OAuth2 and Advanced Administration

  • Introduction to OAuth2
  • OAuth2 scopes and access tokens
    • Lab 7: Configuring OAuth2 grants (including token validation, authorization code)
  • Introduction to OIDC
  • PingFederate administrative API
    • Lab 8: Using the admin API
  • Deployment scenarios and clustering
    • Lab 9 (optional): Configuring a cluster