Networking in Google Cloud (TDG-NGC)

This course provides a deep dive into the networking capabilities of Google Cloud. Whether you're responsible for designing, implementing, or managing networks in the cloud, this course covers essential topics to help you succeed. You'll learn how to create and secure virtual private clouds (VPCs), set up connectivity with on-premises data centers, and leverage Google's global network infrastructure for optimal performance and reliability.

Audience Profile

Entry Level,Cloud enthusiasts, IT professionals, small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners, and career changers seeking entry to intermediate-level cloud education.


  • Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts.
  • Familiarity with networking fundamentals.
  • Entry level knowledge of virtual private clouds (VPCs) and subnets.

At Course Completion

  • Design and configure virtual networks using Google VPCs.
  • Implement network security and firewall rules.
  • Set up VPNs and interconnectivity with on-premises networks.
  • Optimize network performance and cost.
  • Utilize Google's global network infrastructure for low-latency communication.