Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium (LS520)

This subscription provides an array of additional features to complement the learning experience. Cloud-based labs give the opportunity for hands-on practice in actual Red Hat environments. 

  • Expert extras are short, on-demand videos where Red Hat practitioners demonstrate innovative technologies in practical scenarios. 
  • Skills paths and pre-assessments are available for course selection guidance.
  • Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium also includes certification exams. Red Hat’s exams* are industry-recognized and performance-based. These exams validate that holders have the skills needed to undertake even the most ambitious technology projects. Reporting capabilities to track progress toward training and certification goals. Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium lets you maximize your open-source investment with a dynamic learning platform that suits everyone from beginners to experienced professionals.

Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium includes: 

  • All Red Hat online training and video classroom courses.
  • Live, virtual sessions taught by expert instructors. 
  • Early access to courses in development. 
  • 400 hours of cloud-based, hands-on lab time
  • 10 downloadable e-books for offline use. 
  • Skills paths for course selection guidance. 
  • 5 certification exams with 2 retakes. 
  • Expert extras: short videos explaining actual use cases and scenarios
  • Expert chat: live, online instructor coaching. 
  • User dashboard and reporting, as well as team-level reports. 
  • Course content delivered in up to 10 languages.

Subscribe to benefit from a full year of:

  • Live, Instructor-led virtual classes: Benefit from an interactive classroom with added flexibility and convenience. 
  • Access to Red Hat certified instructors: Virtual classes are taught by the same experienced subject matter experts who lead classroom trainings. 
  • Flexible scheduling options: Various class topics and time options facilitate incorporating learning and preferences into busy schedules.
  • Focused training sessions: Participants can narrow their learning to more specific topic areas. 
  • Choice of learning modality: A combination of self-paced materials and expert-taught classes maximizes learning. 
  • Train without traveling: Learn when, where, and how it is best for you.

*Validate your skills through performance-based exams remotely or at a testing station. Exams can be taken when and where it's most convenient.