Guardium Data Protection: Uncovering Threats (8G911XG-SPVC)


IBM Security® Guardium® provides a broad range of data security and protection capabilities that can protect sensitive and regulated data across environments and platforms. This course provides the foundational level processes, procedures, and practices necessary to locate databases and data,discover vulnerabilities, and automate the compliance process.


This course is designed for database administrators, security administrators, and security analysts who use Guardium Data Protection.


Students who participate in this course benefit most when they have the following skills:

  • Basic knowledge of risk management, auditing, and compliance
  • Familiarity with data protection standards such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and SOX
  • Familiarity with the Guardium console and command line interface


  • Discover databases and sensitive data
  • Perform a vulnerability assessment
  • Use Guardium audit process tools to streamline the compliance process
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Course Outline

  • Guardium discovery & vulnerability assessment
  • Audit process automation