Inventory Management and Order Management Business Rules v10.0 (6F137G-SPVC)


This course provides students with an understanding of how to configure order management rules and administer the order fulfillment process using IBM Sterling Order Management. 

The course begins with an introduction of order and inventory management concepts and then covers Sales Order specific configurations. The course then proceeds to describe sourcing and scheduling of orders, rules related to order fulfillment, and payment, and covers configuration of service capacity. The course concludes with an explanation of Return Orders.


Order Management developers and implementers




After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Configure rules related to inventory in the Global Inventory Visibility application of Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation.
  • Configure business rules related to Sales Orders including, order creation, modification, and monitoring in the Distributed Order Management application of Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation.
  • Configuring sourcing and scheduling rules for an order.
  • Configure rules related to resource pools and resource capacity to fulfill service requests.
  • Configure payment processing-related rules such as payment types, financial rules, authorization and invoicing rules.
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Course Outline

Course Overview

Lesson 1: Sterling Order Management Overview

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Lesson 2: Order Related Configuration

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Lesson 3: Service Capacity Configuration

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Lesson 4: Payment Rules Configuration

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Lesson 5: Managing Returns

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Hands-on Lab