TRIRIGA Reservation Management (8D632G)


The course is designed to teach students how to customize, operate, administer, and monitor IBM TRIRIGA Reservation Management process flow and Reservation roles.



Space planners, facility and site coordinators, reservation managers, operations managers




Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Understand the Reservation Management application in IBM TRIRIGA
  • Setup the application for Reservation Management
  • Manage reservable spaces, assets, and equipment
  • Book a room or equipment
  • Manage different type of reservation requests
  • Understand the different user roles needed for Reservation Management
  • Cancel reservations8. Understand how to integrate IBM TRIRIGA with Microsoft Exchange for Reservation Management
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Course Outline

1. Overview of Reservation ManagementThis unit introduces the IBM® TRIRIGA® Reservation Management process flow and Reservation roles.

2. Reservation Management SettingsThis unit illustrates the settings required in IBM TRIRIGA for Reservation Management, before initiating the reservation process.

3. Reservable Record SetupThis unit illustrates the setup of the reservable records such as conference room, workspace, assets, and equipment. The setup will be performed in the Reserve tab of the Reservable Records.

4. Creating a ReservationThis unit introduces the procedure for reserving conference rooms, workspace, performing location requests, and using the Outlook add-in tool.

5. Reservation in Perceptive AppThis unit introduces the Reservation Perceptive Application and illustrates how to use it to reserve conference rooms and workspaces. It will also discuss other functionalities such as check-in/check-out and cancel a reservation.

6. Reservation with ExchangeThis unit talks about integrating IBM TRIRIGA with Microsoft Exchange.