Maximo Application Suite - Manage: Inventory Management (MAX4328G-SPVC)


In this course you will learn the basic Inventory Applications that enable you to create items that will be ordered through various vendors and how to setup units of measure that determine quantities that are ordered and issued.  We will also discuss what rotating and non-rotating items are and their differences and setting up condition enabled items.


Implementation Consultants, Administrators, Technical Sales, System Users




After completing this course, you should be able to: 

  • Set up and manage items and assets
  • Use the Inventory application and related applications in the Maximo Application Suite
  • Use many available options for inventory usage
  • Reorder items and assets manually and automatically
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Course Outline

  • Start here
  • Learn about Item and Asset Setup
  • Learn about Inventory Application
  • Learn about Inventory Usage, Shipping and Reordering
  • Practice what you have learned (hand-on-lab)
  • Earn the badge
  • Finish here