Maximo Scheduler: Graphical Assignment and Crew Management (MAX4345G-SPVC)


In this course, you will learn how to efficiently manage laborers using core Maximo Scheduler applications – Graphical Assignment and Crew Management. You will learn how to prepare data for scheduling activities and how to assign work, and how to manage and modify your resource availability and assignment using the Graphical Assignment application. Additionally, you will explore the Graphical Crew Management application to visualize crew and laborer availability, and book appointment based on the requirements of work. This course includes hands-on labs walking you through scheduling data, adjusting resource availability, assigning work or tasks, and booking appointments for the work using the Graphical Assignment, Graphical Crew Management, and Graphical Appointment Book applications.


Implementation Consultants, Administrators, Technical Sales, System Users, End Users




After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the usage of Maximo Scheduler applications such as Graphical Assignment, Graphical Crew Management, Appointment Book Manager, and Graphical Appointment Book.
  • Prepare a calendar and work data for scheduling.
  • Perform resource availability modifications using the Graphical Assignment application.
  • Perform work assignments using Optimizer in the Graphical Assignment application.
  • Configure the repair facility and assign repair work using the Graphical Assignment – Repair Facility application.
  • Manage resource availability using the Graphical Crew Management application.
  • Manage labor and crew assignments using the Graphical Assignment and Graphical Crew Management applications.
  • Configure the appointment book for customer service executives using the Appointment Book Manager application.
  • Book, reschedule, or cancel the appointment using the Graphical Appointment Book application.
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Course Outline

  • Get started
  • Get introduced to Graphical Assignment and Crew Management
  • Graphical Assignment Base Data Setup 
  • Demo: Base Data Setup
  • Introduction to Graphical Assignment 
  • Managing assignment using Graphical Assignment
  • Optimization and dispatching using Graphical Assignment
  • Graphical Assignment Repair Facility
  • Demo: Graphical Assignment
  • Introduction to Graphical Crew Management
  • Demo: Graphical Crew Management
  • Appointment Book
  • Demo: Graphical Appointment Book
  • Quiz