Engineering Requirements Management: DOORS Next v7.x hands-on preparation for Specialty certification (QN1001G-SPVC)


This hands-on lab is intended to prepare students for the S2112000 - IBM Engineering Requirements Management - DOORS Next v7.x Specialty exam required for the DOORS Next v7.x Specialty certification.   It is recommended that candidates thoroughly study the 6 sections of Exam Objectives and gain real-life experience using DOORS Next to create and manage requirements prior to attempting this exam. 


This course is not intended to cover all topics included in the certification exam.  It provides the student with hands-on experience performing various requirement management tasks related to the exam and identifies where the student can find additional information related to those areas of the certification not specifically covered within this course. 


  • Systems Engineers
  • Requirements Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Anyone aspiring to become a certified IBM DOORS Next Specialist




This lab covers topics based on the Certification Exam Objectives:

  • Gather, define and elaborate requirements  - 25%
  • Collaborate on requirements - 15%
  • Capture relationships – 18%
  • Analyzing and reporting – 9%
  • Requirements Reuse – 16%
  • Integrations – 17%
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Course Outline

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