Ansible on IBM Power Workshop (QZC51G)


Learn to efficiently manage Ansible on an IBM Power environment. You’ll be introduced to the world of automation through hands-on curriculum developed by IBM experts and thought leaders. The material covers a deep-dive of Ansible on IBM Power, IBM PowerVC, IBM Power collections, automating deployment of modern web applications and more. You will work on our IBM Power servers located in Poughkeepsie, New York. Upon completion of this course, you will earn an IBM digital badge that recognizes your skills in this area.


This course covers Ansible on IBM AIX and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. IBM i users may be interested in AS45G: DevOps on IBM i: Learn Ansible.


This course is open to all interested learners, regardless of their experience. Typical students may include customers, IBM technical personnel, Business Partner technical personnel, computer engineering students, IT consultants and architects.




  • Summarize the key principles of DevOps in IT
  • Recognize the requirements and procedure to setup Ansible on IBM Power
  • Analyze the key components and their interactions within the Ansible architecture
  • Automate server administration tasks with Ansible Playbooks
  • Use IBM Power Collections on AIX, VIOS and HMC to automate routine tasks
  • Recognize the various tasks which can be performed when Ansible is integrated with IBM PowerVC to manage AIX and Linux clients
  • Develop Ansible playbooks that use infrastructure as code principles to orchestrate deployments in an IBM Power environment
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Course Outline

Day 1:  

  • Unit 0: Course Administration and Introduction: (15 minutes)
  • Unit 1: Introduction to DevOps (45 minutes) 
  • Unit 2: Ansible Overview and Administration (1 hour) 
  • Unit 3: Ansible Configuration (1 hour) 
  • Exercise 1. Verification of Prerequisites (1 hour) 
  • Exercise 2. Ansible Setup and Configuration (1 hour) 
  • Exercise 3. IBM PowerVC Integration with Ansible (30 minutes) 
  • Exercise 4. Ansible Roles (30 minutes) 
  • Exercise 5. Ansible on IBM AIX (30 minutes) 

Day 2: 

  • Unit 4: IBM Power Collections (1 hour) 
  • Unit 5: Architecting Ansible Solutions (1 hour) 
  • Exercise 6. IBM Power AIX Collection (1.5 hours) 
  • Exercise 7. IBM Power VIOS Collection (30 minutes) 
  • Exercise 8. IBM Power HMC Collection (30 minutes) 
  • Exercise 9. IBM Power OpenStack Collection (45 minutes) 
  • Exercise 10. Deploy Modern Web Applications on IBM Power from GitHub (30 minutes) 
  • Exercise 11. Testing and Debugging Ansible Playbooks with Linting Tools (45 minutes)