IBM Turbonomic Cloud Optimization (ZN910G-SPVC)


With IBM Turbonomic, your cloud investments are smarter, automation is easier, and you can finally realize the promise of agility, elasticity and speed to market. It is an ideal solution for organizations adopting FinOps! This course takes you in-depth into how the IBM Turbonomic platform interacts with the world's most broadly accepted public cloud technologies, such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. You learn about the cost and feasibility of migrating core applications to the cloud for flexibility and scale. You gain understanding of IBM Turbonomic support for reserved instances, savings plans as well as committed use discounts. This course describes how IBM Turbonomic optimizes compute, storage, and PaaS services in cloud for performance and efficiency, increasing ROI and lowering your cloud bill by using only what you need.


Consultants, System Administrators, DevOps, Operators, Cloud Administrators, FinOps




After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Examine how IBM Turbonomic applies the principles of cloud compute scaling and right-sizes compute instances to assure performance and maximize savings
  • Learn how to reduce cloud bill by automatically deleting unattached volumes and optimizing cloud storage according to workload demand
  • Identify how IBM Turbonomic provides visibility into cloud prepaid capacity and maximizes the utilization of AWS and Azure Reserved Instances, AWS Savings Plans as well as GCP committed use discounts
  • Analyze the impact of IBM Turbonomic cloud optimization by running planning scenarios
  • Learn how IBM Turbonomic implements cloud PaaS scaling principles to optimize AWS Database servers and Azure DB instances for performance and cost
  • Explore the cost and feasibility of migrating on premises workloads to the cloud for flexibility and scale
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Course Outline


  • Unit 1: Cloud compute optimization using IBM Turbonomic
  • Unit 2: Cloud storage optimization using IBM Turbonomic
  • Unit 3: Cloud Prepaid capacity management using IBM Turbonomic
  • Unit 4: Cloud PaaS optimization using IBM Turbonomic
  • Unit 5: Planning for workload migration and cloud optimization