Sterling Order Management System: Configuring Item and Pricing (6F125G-SPVC)


6F125G is a 10-hour long self-paced course that gives you an overview of the item and pricing concepts along with an introduction to the IBM Sterling Business Center application.The course teaches students to perform item, pricing, and other related configurations using the Sterling Business Center application. Through a combination of procedural information and exercises, you can learn to create catalogs, items, pricing components, and perform system tasks.


The course involves conceptual and procedural information, demonstrations, quizzes, and exercises in the form of hands-on labs and their solutions.


This course includes a badge, which is awarded after the course is completed.


Developers and Implementers




After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe item and pricing concepts
  • Navigate the IBM Sterling Business Center application and understand its functionality
  • Create and work with:

       – Catalogs and sub catalogs        

       – Items        

       – Attributes        

       – Services and fulfillment configurations        

       – Customer management 


  • Create the following pricing engine components:

       – Price lists        

       – Pricing rules        

       – Coupons        

       – Price types 


  • Describe and perform system tasks such as master data upload and object extensibility
  • Describe the various configurations available in the System Setup tab in the IBM Sterling Business Center application
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Course Outline

The following topics are covered:


  • Catalogs and sub catalogs
  • Items
  • Attributes
  • Services and fulfillment configurations
  • Customer management
  • Price lists       
  • Pricing rules        
  • Coupons        
  • Price types