Sterling Intelligent Promising: Administration (6F136G-SPVC)


This self-paced training course deep dives into the core setup and pre-purchase setup available in the IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising (SIP). It discusses the Sterling Intelligent Promising Rest APIs such as configuration APIs, Carrier Service APIs, Catalog APIs, Custom Attributes, Inventory Visibility APIs, Promising APIs and the Order Hub. Learn how to use these APIs for different business use cases, through examples using sample payloads. The course also provides a self-paced lab with extensive hands-on exercises that help implement the topics discussed in the course. The audience of the course are Implementation Consultants, Administrators, and system integrator. 


Implementation Consultants, Administrators, and System Integrator




After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Navigate through the REST API documentation.
  • Configure and use APIs provided.
  • Configure nodes, carriers, shipping groups, zones, transit times and rates.
  • Configure catalogs, items, attributes, bundle items, categories, Item categories, item classifications.
  • Configure delivery methods, node fulfillment options, safety stock.
  • Configure inventory visibility at different threshold levels, inventory snapshots.
  • Configure Promising setups. 
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Course Outline

  • Getting started with Administering Sterling Intelligent Promising (SIP)
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to SIP
  • Lesson 2: Setting up core configurations in SIP
  • Lesson 3: Setting up pre-purchase configurations in SIP
  • Student Exercise Guide
  • Hands-on-lab
  • Badge Quiz