Deploying Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (DUIC) (V8.0)

Deploying Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Plus (DUIC+) is an Implementation and Administration course focusing on the CUIC reporting solution for Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE). 


CUIC, as a product, is a comprehensive, end-to-end reporting solution, designed to make the task of creating reports and managing disparate data sources, easier on the customer, and at the same time, present a consistent user interface and a common tool, to access the varied data across multiple Cisco product families. 


The Sunset version of this course (DUIC+) is a customized course which combines the "Off-The-Shelf" (OTS) DUIC course, along with a more real-world lab environment - plus the real-world experience of your instructor - to provide an enhanced learning experience beyond the OTS course.


The SLI course begins with an overview of a typical UCCE solution and call flow, and how CUIC fits into the equation. Students then review the installation steps and licensing of the product, and move quickly into to hands-on experience with the product in our UCCE lab, which includes all of the CVP components used in a comprehensive deployment. Next students will set up the initial CUIC Data Source integration to allow the import of Supervisors as users on the CUIC system, and then spend time working with users/groups/permissions within the system. The initial system and user integration will allow for the class to review the stock reports included with the installation, and reveal the ?under the hood? items which make a report work. Students will be getting comfortable with Data Sources, Report Definitions, Query Types, Views, Value Lists, Collections, Drilldowns, Fields, Parameters, Perma-Links, and a myriad of other terms that are often asked about. Along the way, the need for customization of all of these items will be addressed, and before you know it, you'll be creating your own custom reports. Since the SLI lab also includes CVP, the class will cover how you integrate CUIC with a CVP reporting server, and import the Custom CVP reports to use, including the configuration requirements for Ingress/VXML Gateway reporting. Prepare to spend time in class acting as part integration partner, part Agent, part Supervisor (reporting user), and part Custom Report Designer. Do not be reluctant to attend this class if you are not an SQL expert, students will find that they can do quite a few cool things with a minimal amount of direction. Much of the material from the SLI version of this course is not in the OTS course; therefore you will receive an addendum of this material that can be used as an easy reference guide.


The SLI DUIC+ course is best described as interactive, and includes all of the components which make up a UCCE installation, from the PSTN all the way down to the agent. Since students are working on our "live-test" system, you are encouraged to experiment and try the "what-if scenarios" that are not feasible in a production environment. This provides students a chance to see how changing Service Levels in a Call Type might affect reporting, or how Agent Desk Settings impacts things, as just a few examples. In this course, the instructor will encourage any and all "out of the box" thinking that students might want to try.  


Target Audience

This course is intended for anyone who desires an understanding of the CUIC reporting solution for a Unified CCE environment.



  • Working knowledge of Unified Contact Center Enterprise is desirable.
  • Working knowledge of Contact Center operations is desirable.
  • Working knowledge of SQL commands is desirable, but not required.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Define how CUIC is implemented as a reporting solution in a CCE environment.
  • Demonstrate how to install, administer, and provide user/group security for the CUIC solution.
  • Demonstrate proficiency of use with regard navigation and use of the CUIC Reporting Solution for the creation of reports.
  • Provide a detailed description of how custom reports from normal data sources (UCCE and CVP) as well new data sources can be created to specific Customer requirements.
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Course Outline

Day 1: CUIC Configuration

  • Lesson 1: CUIC Overview
  • Lesson 2: UCCE Configuration Requirements to Support CUIC
  • Lesson 3: CUIC Initial Configuration for CCE (ICM) Integration
  • Lesson 4: CUIC Initial Configuration for CVP Integration


Day 2: CUIC Administration, Security and Basic Reporting

  • Lesson 5: CUIC Administration 
  • Lesson 6: Managing Users and Security in CUIC
  • Lesson 7: Running Unified Intelligence Center Reports


Day 3: Unified Intelligence Center Custom Reporting

  • Lesson 8: Key Concepts
  • Lesson 9: Creating A New Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Report