DataCore DCIE Development [V10] (SSVDCIE)

DataCore presents a two-day, DCIE Development course. This course provides instructor assistance as the DCIE candidate is mentored and assisted thru the phases of the DCIE certification process. This course is usually scheduled to begin after the final day of the required SANsymphony Administration Course.


Students who have completed the DataCore SANsymphony Administration Course and want to pursue and achieve DCIE Certification.


At the end of this training, the student would have completed:

  • Reviewed the web based, DCIE Installation Management presentation
  • Participated in multiple Problem Determination and Resolution labs
  • Instructor mentoring during the following phases:
  • Subscribe to the DCIE Installation Documents
  • Planning and Pre-Install Documentation
  • SANsymphony Installation and Functional Test Plan Documentation
  • Deploy the SAN and Software in accordance with current Best Practices
  • Review of the documented installation
  • Take and Pass the DCIE Assessment Exam
  • Candidate is granted DCIE Certification


Must have completed the DataCore SANsymphony Administration Course.

Students will need their laptops, as Word and Excel documents must be completed.


The course modules are each delivered in two parts:

  • Lecture
  • Hands-on Work with the candidates SANsymphony SAN

Delivery is via a combination of instructor led lecture and hands-on workshops. The workshops provide each student with server access to a SAN.

Each student will follow the DCIE certification steps and be granted DCIE Certification upon completion and passing the DCIE Assessment Exam.