IBM Spectrum Protect and DB2 Workshop (TD-ISPDB2W) (8.1.5)

*Editor's note: Since version 8.1.19 the product is called "IBM Storage Protect" but is identical to IBM Spectrum Protect. For the course offered here, a version is used that officially still runs under the name IBM Spectrum Protect.

The course is aimed at experienced administrators who want to learn the mechanics between IBM Spectrum Protect and its database. It will be shown how IBM Spectrum Protect's internal database works and how this knowledge can be used to troubleshoot at the DB2 level. Recommended courses IBM Spectrum Protect Environment (TS619, TS629) that provide the prior knowledge required for this course.

In this course you will learn advanced Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) / IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP) operations. You will discuss particular situations with TSM / ISP and DB2 and learn to handle them.

Prerequisites: You should have Experience in the administration of IBM Spectrum Protect databases, these courses in advance or have the knowledge of

IBM Spectrum Protect version 8.1.12 Implementation and Administration (TS619G) 

IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.13 Advanced Administration, Tuning, and Troubleshooting (TS629G)      


  • Overview Unit 1: Inside Tivoli Storage Manager / IBM Spectrum Protect
  • Unit 2: DB2 Overview
  • Unit 3: TSM / ISP with DB2
  • Unit 4: TSM / ISP Installation and Configuration
  • Unit 5: DB2 Commands for TSM / ISP
  • Unit 6: DB2 Maintenance
  • Unit 7: Table Space Conversion with Utility
  • Unit 8: Troubleshooting
  • Unit 9: Tools
  • Unit 10: Useful Info and Technotes

The labs are based on IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.5.

Details anzeigen
Unit 1: Inside ISP
•              Historical background
•              Benefits of DB2 as TSM  /ISP database
•              Administration
Unit 2: DB2 Overview
•              DB2 History
•              DB2 Structure
•              DB2 Access Structure
•              DB2 Settings
•              DB2 Processes and Threads
Unit 3: TSM / ISP with DB2
•              DB2 Instance
•              Transaction Logging
•              DB Backup and Recovery Concept
Unit 4: TSM / ISP Installation and Configuration
•              TSM V6.x Installation 
•              TSM / ISP V7.x/V8.x Installation / Upgrade
•              Configure the DB2 Instance
•              DB2 Commands
•              Start the TSM / ISP Server
•              Locking Structure
Unit 5: DB2 Commands for TSM / ISP
•              DB2 System Commands
•              DB2 Configuration Commands
Unit 6: DB2 Maintenance
•              Database Space Allocation
•              Parallel I/O, Memory, CPU Requirements
•              Understand Database Backup
•              Manage the Database and Log Space
•              DB2 Maintenance including DB2 Reorganization
•              Multiple Instances
•              Fix Pack Installation
Unit 7: Tablespace Conversion with Utility
•              ISP Tablespace Conversion  
•              Migration to another Operating System
Unit 8: Troubleshooting
•              Log Files
•              Installation/Upgrade Problems
•              Problem Situations
•              DB Recovery and DRM
Unit 9: Tools
•              ODBC
•              Cluster Technology
•              Monitoring Tools
Unit 10: Useful Info and Technotes