DFSMSrmm Version 2.5 Workshop (TD-DFSMSrmm)

This workshop is designed to teach you how to implement the new functions announced in the last couple of years for Removable Media Manager (DFSMSrmm) functional component of DFSMS/MVS and optional feature of z/OS. We will discuss about the SAF tape security as well as the implementation of some very powerful new functions.  

People responsible for implementing and maintaining DFSMSrmm (a component of z/OS DFSMS). Personnel administrating DFRMM may also find the course beneficial.

Those attending this course should understand basic MVS allocation and sequential processing such as can be obtained in Storage Management Fundamentals. The student should also be able to code MVS job control language statements (JCL) for tape data sets and familiar with the IBM utilities.

After completing this workshop you should be able to:
  • Select DFSMSrmm options suitable for your installation
  • Vital Record Specifications
  • Implementing the SAF tape security
  • Using the new available utilities for DFSMSrmm
  • Reorganizing your DFSMSrmm control data set at any time
  • Split-up the expiration processing if you are using a SMS managed tape library
  • Correct use of the PRTITION and OPENRULE statements instead of the REJECT definitions
  • Merge or split-up a DFSMSrmm control data set

Tell us your own requirements for this workshop. 

Norbert Schlumberger