DataCore SANsymphony Administration [V10] (SYMV10P)

DataCore presents a three-day, SANsymphony Administration course. This course is designed to provide SAN storage administrators, partners and system builders with the tools, knowledge and practical experience to successfully plan, implement and manage a SAN environment in which DataCore software is used for storage management, virtualization and high availability.



SAN administrators or system administrators responsible for planning, installation, and management of a DataCore SANsymphony solution.



At the end of this training, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the DataCore SANsymphony product offerings
  • Discuss High Availability considerations in a SAN environment
  • Identify components of a SAN installation
  • Develop an installation plan for a SAN environment
  • Configure a SAN with DataCore Servers, disk arrays and Hosts
  • Test the SAN and monitor SAN traffic
  • Install Hyperconverged Virtual SAN and configure new vdisks for use.
  • Deploy the SAN and Software in accordance with currrent Best Practices
  • Research the DataCore Support Database to access current product information and resolve problems



Knowledge of Windows 2012 from a system administration perspective. Familiarity with SAN and storage systems.



The course modules are each delivered in two parts:

  • Lecture
  • Hands-on Workshops

Delivery is via a combination of instructor led lecture and hands-on workshops. The workshops provide each student with server access to a SAN.

Each student will use SANsymphony-V to virtualize storage, allocate storage to a Host, implement high availability configurations and manage the SAN environment.

In addition, they will install and perform basic configuration of a Hyperconverged Virtual SAN node.