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SonicWall certification and training is about using SonicWall technology to its fullest to create better business outcomes in enterprise and mission critical environments. TD SYNNEX will guide you through the SonicWall certification track. On attaining ‘Certified SonicWall Security Administrator (CSSA)’ status you’ll be an expert on building high performance SonicWall solutions.

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TD SYNNEX Academy delivers official SonicWall training courses to students around the globe and guides them on their SonicWall certification journey. With TD SYNNEX’s commitment to helping you learn how to deploy SonicWall technology in complex real-world environments, TD SYNNEX is the safe choice to ensure you get the SonicWall skills you need.

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SonicWall Network Security Administrator (SNSA)
SonicWall Network Security Professional (SNSP)

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Did you know?

• In addition to SonicWall training courses TD SYNNEX can provide you with a full range of SonicWall solutions, professional services and tool kits.
• TD SYNNEX can also customise SonicWall training courses to your exact needs. Contact us for details.
• Need immediate help with a SonicWall configuration? Our SonicWall certified technical experts will be able to help you