Installing and Configuring the Hitachi VSP 5000 Series (1090PI)

This course provides the steps for installation, configuration, and maintenance of the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000 series. It describes the architecture and components of each system and includes procedures to install, configure, and maintain the VSP enterprise system. 

The course provides the Hitachi Vantara documentation and management tools useful for successful installation, configuration, and maintenance of the system. It also includes maintenance and upgrade activities, including adding/replacing components and performing a firmware update. Additionally, the course introduces problem determination, incident resolution tools and techniques for the troubleshooting, installation and support issues.


At the successful completion of this course, you will receive the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series Installation and Configuration digital badge.

This course prepares you for the following Hitachi Vantara Qualified Professional qualification test.

  • Hitachi Vantara Qualified Professional – VSP 5000 Series Installation (HQT-4160)

Course Objectives

When you complete this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the architecture of enterprise systems of the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 series
  • Discuss the specifications of the VSP enterprise family
  • Identify the internal components and their function
  • Describe the back-end design and layout for each model, including drive trays and disk types
  • Describe the new installation procedure and identify when it is appropriate to use it
  • Discuss the different methods to update the firmware
  • Describe change configuration procedures 
  • Describe how to install and configure Hitachi Remote Ops SVP Agent (former Hi-Track)
  • Identify documentation and tools provided by Hitachi Vantara for installing, configuring and maintaining the Virtual Storage Platform 5000 series systems 
  • Describe the maintenance procedures
  • Describe the different management GUIs

Course Availability

  • Employees
  • Partners

Suggested Audience

  • Architect
  • Implement and Integrate
  • Install and Support
  • Pre-sales Architect

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Basic storage concepts


  • Professional

Suggested Prerequisite Courses

  • Storage Concepts – CCI0110
  • Introduction to Hitachi Storage Architecture - TCI2626

Supplemental Courses

  • Working with Hitachi Ops Center – TXI3932 or TXP3932
  • Managing Hitachi Ops Center Administrator – TSI2929 or TSP2929 
  • Managing In-System Replication – TXI6752 
  • Managing TrueCopy Replication – 1112CV
  • Operating and Managing GlobalActive Device – TSI2728 
  • Managing Performance with Ops Center Analyzer – TXI3684
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Course Outline

Content Modules

  • Overview
  • Components
  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • System Access and Interfaces
  • New Installation
  • Change Configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Tools
  • Internal Operations
  • Hitachi Remote Ops SVP Agent
  • Licenses
  • Introduction to Ops Center

Learning Activities — Labs

  • Component Identification
  • Back-End
  • New Installation
  • Change Configuration
  • License Key Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Hitachi Remote Ops SVP Agent
  • Upgrading VSP 5100 to a VSP 5500 (optional)
  • Replacement of SVP (Optional)