Deploying a containerized web application on GCP (TDG-DCWA)

This training shows you how to package a web application in a Docker container image, and run that container image on a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster. Then, you deploy the web application as a load-balanced set of replicas that can scale to the needs of your users.

Audience Profile

Entry Level, Developers, architects and technical roles willing to learn and understand how to manage modern applications in GCP


Basic knowledge on docker,software development,basic understand on CI/CD and containers

At Course Completion

At the end of the training you can

  • Successfully deploy a sample web application on Kubernetes Engine, using container images stored in Artifact Registry.
  • Automatically maintain desired state configuration of servers and monitor compliance to standard and organization specific requirements
  • Configure Kubernetes Engine to automatically scale the web application based on incoming traffic.
  • Use Stackdriver to monitor the performance and health of the deployed web application, and make any necessary adjustments.